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The Parc-des-Ancêtres

If you are looking for a wonderful place to celebrate a significant event – wedding, family party, cocktail, corporative party, etc. – the Parc-des-Ancêtres on the Island of Orleans offers you an enchanting setting, day and night. 

Right above the St. Lawrence river and offering a spectacular view on the Laurentides, the Parc-des-Ancêtres is a memorable place to celebrate your great moments.

To know the fees and the policy for the rental of the Parc-des-Ancêtres, consult the information document: https://www.fondationfrancoislamy.com/public/images/wbr//uploads/doc/ANG-Info-location-Parc-des-Anc-tres-2024-1-.pdf

Choosing the Parc-des-Ancêtres on the Island of Orleans, it’s choosing an event you imagined!

The Salle des Fondateurs

Looking for a multipurpose room that can adapt to your needs? The Salle des Fondateurs at the Maison de nos Aïeux is ideal for all kinds of events. This versatile room is equipped with the technology for you to plan your meetings, conferences, cocktails and other events in a comfortable atmosphere and in a simple way. As a bonus, it has a wonderful view on one of the most beautiful places of the Island of Orleans.

To know the fees and the policy for the rental of the Salle des Fondateurs, consult the information document.

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