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Whether they are history and genealogy enthusiasts, attached to the preservation of the Maison de nos Aïeux and of the Maison Drouin, or want to be involved in their environment by supporting an organization from their community, our members are a source of encouragement and a valuable support to us. Their financial contribution and their unpaid involvement ensure the life and the continuity of our organization, and has a direct impact on the community of the island.

To be a member is to...

  • Encourage the protection and the enhancement of the Island of Orleans’ heritage
  • Support activities and projects that are close to your heart
  • Be involved concretely in the local community
  • Contribute to the reach and to the development of the Fondation François-Lamy… and to have fun while doing so!

It’s also to...

  • Have an unlimited free access to the Maison de nos Aïeux and to its Documentation Center in genealogy during the open hours
  • Have an unlimited free access to the Maison Drouin during the open hours
  • Be able to meet, on reservation, with a genealogist
  • Have an access, on reservation, to PRDH and Généalogie Québec
  • Have a 15% off every purchase you make in the shop and off all the activities of our cultural program
  • Obtain a 15% discount code for our online shop
  • Receive a privileged invitation to our events and exhibitions

Make a donation

As a major key to the preservation and the distribution of the Island of Orleans’ heritage, the Fondation François-Lamy is a unique organization that it is important to support and to save for the next generations. Your donation, no matter the amount, will make the difference in promoting the mission of the foundation.

To make a donation, contact us at or visit our online shop by clicking here!

*Note that the Fondation François-Lamy delivers receipts for your taxes for any financial donation or object donation of $20.00 and more.

Archives objects or documents donations

The Fondation François-Lamy has a large collection of archive objects, documents and photographs related to the history of the Island of Orleans. If you think you have archive documents or objects that could be a part of this collection and you would like to donate it, contact us by telephone at 418-829-0330 or by email at

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Cost for 1 membership
$20.00 for a year

Cost for 2 memberships
$35.00 for a year

To learn more about our membership program, visit our shop or send us a email at

Send us back the completed form with your payment to receive your member card.

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